Choosing Me, Love Letters from a Poet, Volume 1

Choosing Me Love Letters from a Poet Volume 1 by Bill Weber book with yellow and orange marigold flowers



“Choosing Me: Love Letters of a Poet, pays homage to the tenderness, vulnerability, joy, and enveloping nature of love and love making: it says what we all think and feel, expressing the blessings that come from choosing to share one’s body, mind and spirit with another. Weber’s writing pays all due respect to the glory and delight of a woman’s natural physique in totality, revealing a refreshing, and endearing, male perspective of femininity.”   @write_read_talk_live

“Your poems made me realize that my generation is cold, for lack of better wording, and it needs your poems as soon as possible!

And as a woman, I was flattered. Your poems are amazing, emotional, lovely, sensual, romantic and full of heart!

Keep writing poems and in general keep writing! You are amazing at it! – Vicky Tzalachani


About the Author

Bill Weber Author

Bill is a devilishly handsome and hopelessly romantic poet living a charmed life. Bill and his radiantly beautiful, sacred feminine goddess soulmate live in an enchanted tantric castle on the outskirts of the legendary city of romantic gifts, Vandalia, Illinois. Bill’s life is like a magical tantra love story where dreams from sensuous love poems come true every night, and oftentimes during the day, as well. His dream is to touch your heart with his words, to awaken your consciousness to your eternal beauty, and to ignite the passion that lives in your soul.

Books include ‘Choosing Me: Love Letters from a Poet, Volume 1’ available now. #lovelettersfromapoet @BillWeberAuthor

Choosing Me by Bill Weber

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“Choosing Me: Love Letters From a Poet”, by Bill Weber is a book of poems that are meant to be read together, with a loved one, slowly. The poems that make up the text of the book are written so that the two of you read them, one or two at a time. This allows you to share and savor the words, as well as the feelings the poems generate.

Each poem in the book is well crafted, inspiring, yet also boldly honest. With titles such as “Move Slowly”, “Never Ending”, and “Touching You”, each poem in this book is an exploration of heart, body and soul.

I highly recommend this book if you are in a relationship, and want to keep passion alive with your significant other. I also recommend it if you are still searching for your special one, as the poems themselves will help to keep your heart open on its path. – @a_bunch.of.words

Very Romantic Gift!

CAUTION: This series is not for everyone!

1. If you always say all the right words at all the right times, DON’T GET THIS BOOK.

2. If you have little or no romance in your life and you want it to stay that way, DON’T GIVE THIS BOOK AS A GIFT TO ANYONE.

3. If your lover is way more passionately attentive than you like, DON’T LET THEM READ THIS BOOK.

4. If you have far too much sensuously romantic fulfillment in your life, THIS BOOK MAY NOT BE FOR YOU.

5. If you don’t want to make love more often, make love more sensuous, and make love more beautiful, DON’T GET THIS BOOK.

6. If you don’t want to give someone the most romantic gift possible, the romantic gift that keeps on giving, DON’T BUY THIS BOOK TODAY. Otherwise, get ‘CHOOSING ME’ today and make love beautiful tonight.

Choosing Me

Love Letters from a Poet, Volume 1